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LTA wins Stolberg Cup

Stolberg (D)

23 November 2008

The three grandmasters, C-H Kim, S-Y Kim and S-E Chae, invited the LTA clubs to this year’s training camp and tournament (poomse and kyurigi) in Stolberg on November 23. Some 50 LTA competitors together with officials, coaches and friends followed the invitation.

The long preparation efforts of our competitors were rewarded; the LTA team won the tournament and made a first place in the team ranking. Frank Kaufmann, got the Stolberg Cup on behalf of the LTA.

Here are the results of our competitors:

- 1st: Liebgott Sacha (Junglinster), Bertinelli Joe (Esch), Marco Gaelle (Esch), Malva Gianluca (Vichten), Dias Dylan (Vichten), Neves Jordy (Vichten)
- 2nd: Vogelbusch Nicolas (Junglinster), Bagart Alexandre (Junglinster), Brink Cristophe (Esch), Stammet Jennifer (Vichten), Coquerel Roberto (Vichten), Mathay Claude (Vichten), Neves Amaro (Vichten)
- 3d: Marcy Emil (Junglinster), Bouhari Amir (Junglinster), Hammen George (Esch), Hodzig Denis (Esch), Rodrigues Dany (Vichten), Texeira Mathieu (Vichten)

- 1st: Cappellano Laura (Esch), Cappellano Emilie (Esch), Nora Schloesser (Vichten)
- 2nd: De Scheemaeker Anja (Vichten), Dias Melanie (Vichten)
- 3d: Schartz Tessy (Vichten), Hoffmann Celine (Vichten), Hoffmann Joe (Vichten)

Gianni Cappellano new LTA president

Gianni Cappellano new LTA president

The LTA is delighted to announce the appointment of Gianni Cappellano as new President on February 19, 2013. Gianni Cappellano holds the 3d dan in Taekwondo and trains in the clubs of Esch/Alzette and Junglinster.

Joe Brink, sportsman of the year

Joe Brink, sportsman of the year

For his excellent results at competitions and his efforts in the promotion of Taekwondo, Joe Brink was elected LTA sportsman of the year.