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LTA Friendship Tournament

Junglinster (L)

4 July 2009

The Luxembourg Taekwondo Association (LTA) invited all Taekwondo clubs from Luxembourg to their friendship tournament in Junglinster on July 4, 2009. The clubs from Bettembourg, Diekirch, Duddelange, Esch/Alzette, Junglinster, Larochette, Luxembourg-city and Vichten participated with some 60 competitors in the categories poomse and kyurigi.

In his welcome speech, LTA-President Frank Kaufmann emphasized that the aim of this annual event is to bring together the sportsmen and to meet old friends in a casual atmosphere.

The organization team would like to express their gratitude towards COSL staff member and ENEPS instructor Dr José Azzolin, medical doctor at the CHL, for his presence during the day.

We sincerely hope that all competitors, coaches, referees, parents and visitors enjoyed the tournament and had fun practicing / watching Taekwondo.

Gina Morette (TKD Junglinster) was honored as best poomse-competitor. Man Merny (TKD Vichten) was honored as best kyurigi-competitor.

Here are the results in the different categories:


Poussins, beginners: 1. Dany Rodrigues 2. Gil Feltes 3. Iris Polfer 3. Tom Schroeder

Poussins, advanced: 1. Amaro Neves 2. Melanie Dias 3. Dana Smits

Juniors, female: 1. Gina Morette 2. Nora Schloesser

Juniors, male: 1. Roberto Coquerel


Poussins, female, -23 kg 1. Wendy Janecho 2. Melissa Reding 3. Marina Capozzi 3. Adisson Crowley

Poussins, female, -27 kg 1. Veerle Jeurissem 2. Nadine Besch 3. Sarah Bouffelah

Poussins, female, -37 kg 1. Andrea Rakocevic 2. Jeany Janecho

Poussins, male, -27 kg 1. Guiseppe Capozzi 2. Noah Biewer 3. Mendes Emerique 3. Keanu Hoffmann

Poussins, male, -32 kg 1. Jim Meyers 2. Noe Oliveira 3. Ken Wolmering

Poussins, male, -37 kg 1. Raphaël Dos Santos 2. Jona Karmeyer

Scolaires, female, -50 kg 1. Joana De Tommaso 2. Nora Schloesser 2. Nahida Medina

Scolaires, male, -36 kg 1. Dylan Dias (Kukkiwon) 2. Joanas Guns

Scolaires, male, -40 kg 1. Tom Lang 2. Alexandre Bajard 3. Emil Marcy

Scolaires, male, -45 kg 1. Dylan Dias (Vichten) 2. Nicolas Vogelbusch

Juniors, male, beginners, -68 kg 1. Ben Feinen 2. Jeff Albergo

Juniors, male, -55 kg 1. Jordy Neves 2. Michael Perron

Juniors, male, -68 kg 1. Man Merny 2. Kevin Rocha 3. Charel Marcy 3. Johannes Scheideler

Juniors, male, +73 kg 1. Gzim Berisha 2. Hugo Da Silva Lopes

Seniors, male, beginners, -67 kg 1. Rui Gonçalves 2. Helder Cruz 3. Christophe Heinen 3. Ivo Antunes

Seniors, male, +84 kg 1. Claude Mathay 2. Wilson Domingues 3. Nuno Pinto 3. Damy Benoit

Gianni Cappellano new LTA president

Gianni Cappellano new LTA president

The LTA is delighted to announce the appointment of Gianni Cappellano as new President on February 19, 2013. Gianni Cappellano holds the 3d dan in Taekwondo and trains in the clubs of Esch/Alzette and Junglinster.

Joe Brink, sportsman of the year

Joe Brink, sportsman of the year

For his excellent results at competitions and his efforts in the promotion of Taekwondo, Joe Brink was elected LTA sportsman of the year.